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Queensland sees the light - JuLIAR you're next!

Created: Saturday, 24 March 2012 Written by Digger
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The ALP have been well and truly booted out of office in Queensland after Saturday's election, and there will be a golden dawn with the new LNP government.


The real winner tonight, and future Australian PM, Tony Abbott.

The people have spoken and they want the ALP liars and Union thugs out of the way. Now all we need is Tony Abbott to assume the PM role after it was stolen from him at the last federal election.


Will the ALP golden boy have another crack at the leadership after this disastrous result for JuLIAR?

With this election result, the people of Queensland can now look forward to the kind of go-getting government we have in Victoria and in New South Wales.

The poor old latte sippers and their assorted watermelon friends will be howling tonight; well boo hoo. Us dinkum Aussies have had it up to here with their greenhouse lies and high taxing ways.

And if they don't like it they can piss off to North Kore or Cuba!


And finally, a message to you Greenie supporters!