The Prunts have taken over Australian Politics

Wednesday, 06 May 2015 By Tom Titmouse

They say the quality of a countries politicians reflects the pool of talent in the wider community. For Australia I have never had much faith in both, but it seems like that we really have hit rock bottom.

In fact it is so bad that now the Prunts are in charge.

titmouse 1

 So, what is a Prunt you say? A Prunt is a mixture of 'prick' and 'cunt'. Therefore a Prunt is even worse than a cunt or a prick, he is both combined.

And having a look at the wankers in Parliament now it is easy to spot a few.


We have the dynamic and forthright leader of the opposition…  



A Treasurer who can’t add...

hockey polly crackers


Plus the dodgy born again Christian fuckwit Senator Fielding…

born again christian lib


And where would we be without the National Party Village Idiot Barnaby Joyce…

joyce idiot


All of them preeminent Prunts.


But the King Pin, the Prunt above them all, is Tony…

abbott surly opus

 Where did they pull this fuckwit from? John Howard’s arse?


Look, I've been writing about the mediocrity of Australia since before there was a fucking internet, and I've covered all facets of our great wide shit brown land. And I can tell you that with the passing of time it hasn't gotten any better. Most Aussies remain thick as two planks, and as whiny as a dingo on heat.

Something that is hard to dispute given the fuckwit Prunts they continue to elect.


Tom Titmouse


titmouse 2



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