Tony Abbott- Victim of Circumstances?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013 By Insane in the Membrane




Tony Abbott. Soon to be Prime Minister of Australia. From the outside he appears to be a hard as nails Political Operator. In fact, one could just as easily imagine him on the other side of politics. As some enforcer for legendary Union thugs like Norm Gallagher of the BLF or Mike Wooldridge of the AMA.


Glassy eyed, silently seething with anger, eager to fondle his female candidates; Tony Abbott appears to be all these things but still remains the clear favourite to win the September 7 election.


However behind his tough man façade and his serial killer looks, lies a quieter and more introspective Tony. We know he does have a spiritual side; his close relationship with Archbishop Pell is well known. Perhaps in other circumstances, in another time, Tony could have been allowed to lead the life he really wanted.


abbott here 2 franco

Fighting with the Carlists against the godless anarchists of Buenaventura Durruti.

abbott man  supporter

Helping Boss Jim Geddes run New York City from Tammany Hall as a Irish strongman.

mother mckillop

Converting the ignorant savages of Mexico to the one and Holy Church of Rome with Cortes.


With his Jesuit mates in Ferdinand's Spain squeezing Jewish testicles with pliers during the Inquisition.


It could have been so much easier for this forthright man to show his true colours back then!


But now our Tony has to hide his light under the bushel. For he knows with certainty that Australia will never be ready to have a truly Mick bastard for Prime Minister.


Will we?




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