The Swingers! - Fisher, QLD

Tuesday, 03 September 2013 By EyeOnOz

Continuing our review of the Seats that will decide the 2013 Australian Federal Election...

Fisher, Queensland



World Famous Caloundra National Park in the seat of Fisher.


Fisher is located in that paradise called Queensland. On the coast, just north of Brissy.  It has sun, sea, and a lifestlye the envy of the rest of Australia. It has also the highest homosexual vote in Australia outside Sydney.

Peter Slipper holds this seat with a tidy margin, but with his defection from the Liberal Party he has a tough fight on his hands to retain it this Saturday.

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Some of Fisher's more famous residents.

We asked the voters in Fisher what was their major concerns for this election. Being the tight arse red-necked pricks that they are, we got the following results:

  1.           Carbon Tax
  2.           Better ways to fiddle their tax
  3.           Why do I have to pay tax?


Our polling has the Libs romping it in with a 10% swing.


Getting a little depressing isn't it?



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