A Budget to Die For 2016

Wednesday, 04 May 2016 By Max Gross

Mad Max Gross analyses the first and last Turnbull government Budget

Well, damned if I was going to waste my time listening to that rabid feckin' junkyard dog Scutt Morrison sprewk the usual LIEbral bullshit as they kick the poor and pander to the rich so I watched an episode of Heston Blumenthal doing weird shit to food on SBS-on-Demand instead.

Later, I turned to the news online and got no further than "Mr Morrison said..." before my gag reflex kicked in.

The LIEbrals have been "in charge" for almost 3 years and what have they achieved?

Dwarfing previous budgets with their very own debt and deficit disaster?

Driving imprisoned refugees insane?

Stopping "The Boats"?


The naval blockade that is costing the budget bottom line how much, exactly? 

Five months ago it was reported that the cost of our deliberately cruel immigration detention system has blown out by more than $1 billion.

Last financial year the Turnbull/Abbott government spent $1.2 billion on Australia's offshore detention centres, including $20 million on charter flights alone.

And wait for those lawsuits regarding illegal detention on Manus Island start pouring in!

Fuuuuck! Nope, nope, nope!

I'm not going to dig through all that reeking LNP/IPA shit this time round. Feck 'em!

You want to pick through the gory mess, go ahead!

You want the backstory? Here it is!

You want to breathe freely and feel human again, then here, breathe!

The only consolation is knowing the Turnbott government won't be around long enough to break their latest promises, pledges and commitments.

But nine weeks?!

Jesus wept!

Nine more weeks before we apparently get a chance to vote Talcolm Furball and the rest of those vicious, venal bastards out.

Nine weeks of "Mums and Dads", "Jobs and Growth" and what else? "Let Them Burn"?

And good luck with that!

Now where's that feckin' vodka!

This was Max Gross for Xenox News.

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