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Created: Monday, 25 July 2005 Written by Chato
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Another grand exploit of the
globalized police state as it
saves its citizens from exploding
tourists in the very bloody
"We had to kill him because he
did not look wealthy!"
As if the horror of the workers
getting blown to shreds by
exploding tourists as they
attempted to perform their day of
toil was not bad enough.
Now we have gun-happy cops
blowing away harmless people as
they go about their soon to be
terminated lives.

The increased new powers of the
UK cops must have gone to their
heads, for them to have fired
five rounds into the body of the
poor harmless bastard they
selected as a target. They seemed
determined that he must die -
while a horrified crowd looked
on as they executed him!

Well my Aussie friends, hold onto
your butts, because this sort of
thing is what your leaders have
in mind for you kiddies also.

A comment from the filthy little
globe-trotting Oz rodent on the
gory UK horror show:
"I was mightily impressed!"