Australian Parliament

Created: Thursday, 06 June 2002 Written by Pervis
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I just watched ten minutes of Australian Parliament. Listening to and looking at the representatives and, in particular, the speaker.....honestly; we are fucked. Any chance of having a government of this country that will do anything positive for the future plight of all people who live in this country, for anything positive toward rational, logical government and evolution of our country, is hopeless. Both in the short term and very long term. As I write, the debate is now about a minister requesting the removal of a book by Chopper Reed from an Australian Government website, as recommended reading for Australian students! The squabbling, responses and interjections, all at a very high level of what can only be described as inanity, is relentless.

The state of the current Australian parliament provokes a rebellious repsonse. I believe the current status quo demands that all reasonable people should consider anarchism as the only option.

The Australian government is so far removed from what is required in this country that their edicts, jurisdiction and functions are no longer relevant in any way whatsoever.

I call all reasonably minded citizens to declare a state of anarchism until these people get their minds back on the job and start attending to the issues that they should do, particularly because they are paid to do so with the funds earned by our hard labours. These motherfuckers need to go; they just aren't progressing the country in a manner commensurate to our requirements as a people.