Tuesday, 04 November 2003 By Tom Titmouse
Memo to George W: Your Aussie Man 'o' Steel is a flim-flam man with the backbone of a worm.
Remember lil' Johnny blabbering on how he was strong on the war on terror? Well where is he now? Things are getting a little bit rough in Iraq and you would think that as a great ally and friend of the US we would be offering some support, maybe some more troops, for it is obvious that's what the Yanks need now. Howard was so keen to take the glory of the invasion, sorry, liberation of Iraq. But now the heavy lifting is needed is he offering any more help? No way. It's easy for Howard and his cronies to blame the French and the UN for not supporting the Yanks now but they didn't support the war in the first place, we did.

What more evidence do you need to prove that Howard's support for the Iraq war was a political stunt for local consumption? Making sure he and Hyacinth keep their house on the Harbour drives all his considerations and actions on the War on Terror. Always there when the latest publicity stunt of the War on Terror is held (how many Bali memorials can you have???) you would think he is PM and Governor General! Laying wreaths for brave Aussie soldiers with his pal George yet "forgetting" to invite their family along in case he mightn't get on camera. What a cunt.

Say what you may about Dubya, at least he is sticking at it in Iraq (so far at least anyway). All Mr Magoo is concerned about is his own arse first and foremost; and as the Yanks start sinking into the sands of Iraq watch him slink out the room and start tackling 'hard' targets like local Mullahs. Anything to keep himself PM. Well fuck him. It's time for that cunt to be given the flick, anyone else would be better than him.

Tom Titmouse
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