The Next World War

Created: Saturday, 17 March 2007 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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The next world war will be a coordinated war by
many united governments against their own
citizens, and conducted on behalf of global
corporations and wealthy patricians. *
Those media personalities who show willingness to
conform will have comparatively easy lives, and
will promote happy little fairy tales to the dull
"citizens", and act as cheer squads for mass
spectator diversions. So don't expect the mass
media to expose what is actually happening.

When the trap is finally sprung, the ruling elites
will accept nothing less than total conformity
from the "unified" world citizens, who will have
to always be "happy" with their lot, even if it
takes mass medication of the dissenters.

It may be "one" world finally, but it will not
have been unified in your interests, nor in
consultation with you.

Expect governments to spew out endless drivel
about "personal liberty" and "freedom", but in the
new "one world" order, any real freedom will not
be for you, and you will not be left alone, as
everybody will be forced to "participate".