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Created: Monday, 16 May 2005 Written by Chato
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National Socialist government
of Ostrichlia ready to apply
"FINAL SOLUTION" says P.M. The deputy sheriff and Pustule
Magnum of the Pacific area of the
"Axis of Evil", Judas Wart Hades,
addressed a Nasty Party rally and
put the nation on war footing:

"Axis forces are poised for a
final assault on those weak
tendencies that the Supermen of
Ostrichlia find repugnant -
respect for truth and desire for
"We shall replace these
racially-impure tendencies with
stern Nasty Party values."

The little arse-seeking Aussie
Superman just managing to hold
back an urge to soil his pants
explained the true meaning of
Nasty Party justice:

"Truth and justice shall
henceforth be known simply as
whatever the will of the ruling
classes say they are!"

There were explosions of joy in
the dull minds of the totally
dumbed-down Aussie public as they
failed to grasp even the tiniest
implication of the ominous news
they read in the Daily Tele-Crap.

The well-paid loser and leader of
the opposition, Kim Beezlebub
"the P.M. has my admiration and
full support in the hard battles
that lay ahead!"