War. In These Days

Thursday, 24 February 2022 By Tex Lumbago

Vlad, mate, have you gone mad? Trying to re-arrange Ukraine. Piece by Piece. Insane. Meanwhile the ice melts beneath our feet and the amount of methane we blow from our arses ever increases. And a small little thing mutates and infects us all.

You know I was joking when I said "New Decade, Last Decade" but it is painfully coming true. The year 2030 will be like nothing here that's for sure.

What to do? Well let's ask what our basket full of geniuses here at XenoxNews.com think...

Putin smiling

Tom Titmouse

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Long time coming, long time in the making. The rage has hit the lid and pops out, but you know hard it is to push it back in. Early days but any over reach is gunna be a long time burden. Is Russia gunna occupy the whole country? Crazy! Would have been better off to grab the Donbass and then keep them at arms length as much as you can...



I told you years ago that this was going to happen...


rogues rascals and redeemers 49 20140424 1094931964

You know what makes me puke? The heart rendering nonsense from the NATO lovers. Those fuckers could blow any Arab to pink mist and not give one fuck, but touch some blonde from the East and then it is the end of humanity. I will give a shit when those cunts give a shit about Gaza, Libya, and all those countries who had the misfortune of electing a non-yank loving Government...

Herr Fuckednuckle

nothing wrong with the drugs i take 11 20140424 1965632463

Putin. What are you doing to all that pussy? Stop the hating and killing, Start the loving again. Please, do it all over again.


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