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Created: Friday, 29 July 2005 Written by Chato
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Babies are earmarked for stern
new I.R. reforms, and will have
to stand on their own feet from
now on. This article may be very
confronting for the feeble
of mind, and they should
go to the Disney site.

Under guidance from Professor
Scrotum of the C.I.S.
(Centre for Idiotic Studies -
a right wing think tank),
the quisling leader John Wino
Hitler will force babies to sign
binding labour contracts with the
much-loved HOWARDLAND regime as
part of AXIS OF TERROR labour

The putrid and senile little
neocon toad drooled as he
squeezed out more crap.

"We have had our eyes on babies
for some time now, and we have
noticed how the little bludgers
just lie there and make no
attempt to respond to market
forces! Well, all that is going
to end now, because we shall
apply stern non-core fairness to
the little bludgers.
It is no mere coincidence that
every terrorist was once a baby.

Dead people, and those bludgers
who take up HOWARDLAND resources
by receiving intensive-care or
who bludge while undergoing
surgery will also face non-core
fairness and soon will be forced
to sign labour contracts of their
own free-will."

When Peter Costlyfellow the
money-changer of the regime was
asked to comment, he merely

The leader of the invisible
Opposition could not comment, as
he was choking on a custard tart.