Australia: welcome to the terror zone

Created: Thursday, 13 February 2003 Written by M. Sunken
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Osama, wearing a watchBin Laden's latest call to Muslim's around the world included many references to Australia.

The 16-minute message was broadcast on the Qatar based radio station, Arabic-language network Al-Jazeera. (Al couldn't be contacted this morning).

Once a peaceful and clever country the old Australian life style is now over. Osama tells Islamic people that a war on Iraq by the US and its allies (England and Australia) is a war on Islam. He advised all Islamic people to take on the allies in every way possible: "We advise you to drag the forces into fighting you in street fights. Take them into farms, into cities, and fight them in there... they will be losing a lot of lives"

Osama appeared perplexed as to why Australia was also declaring war without UN sanctions, asking why would our country want to enter into a war based on business and military production profits.

"We are following very carefully the preparation of the crusaders to invade the Iraqi land and take the wealth of the Muslims and install a regime that has Tel Aviv and Washington on its head to run you, in preparation for the establishment of greater Israel, God forbid."

Meanwhile, Crusader Howard has put not only our lifestyles, but all of our lives, at serious risk. All these pro war dickheads will be smirking when the retaliatory terrorist attacks come through: "I told you they were evil".

Perhaps a country as large as the US, and perhaps England, can dare to throw the red flag and spit into the face of the Islamic nation but what Bush has got on Howie must be pretty fucking compelling. British government approval is down to the lowest it has been in ten years. Howie will regret this forever, all I hope is that it is his fucking family that cops the shrapnel and not mine.

The master of dilly dallying on domestic questions for the last two decades: "...nyes, we will look into it, weigh up the options, put it to parliament and the senate, and hope it goes away before we have to do anything"

Why not have dilly dallied about this issue. All it would have taken was a bit of diplomacy, you ning, and there would be no difference in the current global environment, except that Australia wouldn't be in the sights of every radical Islamic person with terrorist inclinations and Australia's buildings and water supplies wouldn't be eyed as perfect targets for retaliation purposes.

There must be a pay off, some dirt, death threats or something. John Howard just gone and fucked up everything this country ever had without any logical reason what so ever.

M. Sunken, Moonie Ponds