I’m a Cronulla fella

Thursday, 19 October 2006 By Raspberry Cordial

A poem from Australia's Heartland...

I’m a Cronulla fella

I hate ragheads, Asians, and spics.
I like to spend my time on the beach,
Me and me mates always full of piss.
Our Aussie Rag is my Holy flag;
I hoist it everyday in me backyard.
And when I need to have a shit I use it to wipe my hairy arse.
Why? Cause I’m a Cronulla Fella.

I fucking hate youse all;
You smell and stink.
Me? I’m gunna be King of it all
Cause I’m a Cronulla Fella.

There is a man on the radio;
I listen to him everyday.
Tells me its tough down here on our Struggle St.
Oh Alan you are a hero to me and me mates;
Won’t you visit our dunnys
So we can fuck your arse in the good old Cronulla Way!

This summer is gunna be one long brawl.
Any of youse cunts come down here we will fuck you all.
The Aussie flag is gunna fly high
Because in the Shire we are all Good Old Cronulla Fellas!
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