Created: Thursday, 29 September 2005 Written by Chato
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The Labor states perform one of
their last selfless acts for that
Heaven on Earth - the Howardland
and the "Leader who cannot Lie".
Facing some obstruction from the
Oz constitution to the draconian
new "security" laws, the fair but
firm Judas Homunculus regime
appealed to the Labor states to
suspend any objections they may
have to the new laws.
As it happened there was no cause
for worry, as the Labor states
were unanimous in their support
and offered even more eager
capitulation in future:

"If you want anything from us
Judas - anything at all, you just
grovelled one Labor premier.

"We are more than willing to
dissolve the Labor Party entirely
if you find us irritating."
whined another.

The highly intelligent Oz public
went into transports of joy and
called for the nation to be
renamed Draconia instead of