When will the Howard haters give up?

Created: Sunday, 14 December 2008 Written by Digger
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We have had only 12 months of Kruddys Klowns and already the majority of dinki-di Aussies are pining for the good times of the Howard government.

What has a year of Kruddy bought Australia?
- A treasurer not fit to shine Peter Costellos shoes. Swan has blown the hard earned surplus of 11 years fiscal responsibility in one budget.

- Violence is getting out of control on the streets. We now have 15 year old children attacking Police Officers with knives!

- The flood gates have been opened again to the people smugglers and so-called 'refugees' that want to freeload on our great nation.

Wall to wall ALP governments has been a disaster for this country. Look at the mess in NSW; the corrupt Labor hatchet men have turned a once proud state into a laughing stock. All under the watch of Kruddy and his Union thug bosses.

With these difficult economic times there is no doubt that most Aussies are regretting their vote last year. They know if the tried and true team of Howard and Costello was in charge there would be no recession approaching, and that their homes would retain their value.

And no amount of huffing and puffing from the Howard hating loonies will change that!