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Space Craft Sighted Over North Georgia

Created: Friday, 12 December 2008 Written by Unregistered Corresp
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Alien Invasion Is Coming....Git Yer Guns....

Several UFO's were spotted over the mountains of Northern Georgia o­n the eve of December the 2nd by a group of campers along the Bartrum Trail. Each of them reported seeing a grouping of three very bright lights that just hovored for several minutes before going into maneuvering patterns.The Air Force denied conducting any exercises in that area, but o­ne anonymous source said that an alert went off at Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta Georgia at approximately the same time of the reported UFO sitings by the campers in Northern Georgia. The source would not provide any details o­n the nature of the alert.One of the campers, who requested to remain unnamed, said "I went to find some dead wood in the clearing just before retiring to my tent, and that's when I saw three blinding lights in the sky, just hovering, completely silent." The camper explained that he believed them to be some kind of helicopters, but immediately dispensed with that possiblity when he witnessed them engage in very rappid, coordinated maneuvers that could not possibly be performed by any helicoptor that he was aware of. When he ran back to his tent, the other campers were standing outside of their tents staring up at the strange sight. "Just as quickly as they arrived, after a few minutes, they dissapeared" o­ne camper said, indicating that there were no other unusual events witnessed during the remaining 3 days of their camping trip.________________________________________UFO Correspondent: Ricardovitz