Tuesday, 25 May 2010 By Quest for Proof

Nowadays the sky has all eyes turned towards it as Earth seems under incessant visitation from unidentified flying craft. Never before have so many people spotted them

The evidence is mounting and irrefutable. The spacemen are here.

The reasons why they are here, however, remain elusive.



Coming to your neighbourhood?

Our fragile blue orb seems to be a beacon for every green skinned four eyed beasty. One reason postulated by the SETA (Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Antics) is that recent events are attracting them. Events such as:

-          The Greek financial crisis

-          The election of a black man as leader of the free world

-          The approaching catastrophe of the Greenhouse effect

-          Recent volcanic activity


While these pundits postulates all have the ring of authenticity, I wonder what the learned readership of XenoxNews thinks.


People, why are they here?

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