Created: Monday, 06 January 2003 Written by Correspondent
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The world is now a terrible place. A place where the hoofprints of Satan can be seen behind those that are leading world events. From the twin towers of New York to the twin rivers of ancient Babylon, an evil is afoot whose aim is the subjugation of the human race. A careful study of events over the last few years show that the ancient and terrible forecasts from the prophets of old are coming to fruition. Nostradamus predicted in 1425:

“And from the cracks of metal,
There will be falls of steel.
And one shall emerge who hast removed himself from the rest of mankind.
In the big town woe shall remain!”

This is obviously a reference to the terrible events of September 11, and the culmination in a battle of evil and good!

It is said that the old cunt Nostradamus used to peer into a bowl of water and foresee the future. It is also thought that this man was a Jew. And that is another pointer to the pain and misery that is facing us, for as it was predicted by the official prophet of the Catholic Church St Lavisicous in 775 AD, the last King of the Rome shall be a Jew who will bear the name of Peter (2). And who is the favourite for the next Pontiff? The Archbishop of Paris who was baptised a Jew and has no foreskin. He also predicted that the penultimate Pope will be a dimwit Pole, and boy was he right about that one!

Another clairvoyant of the past was the Chinese master Lao-Tit Su. It was said she would spread the entrails of chickens and from the patterns formed see the future. She is credited with predicting the fall of the Ming dynasty, the rise of the Wing dynasty, and that a man named Mao would lead China to barbarism and evil. But she saved her best for last with a dreadful final vision of world cataclysm:

“From the heavens will descend 3 giant dragons, with flames and destruction. A man who is the son of a great man will lead the world in a final duel with evil. Much illin’ will follow.”(3)

And what about this from her last book written in 987 AD:

“One shall have a beard and the other a moustache and they shall do the devils bidding.”(4)

And as final evidence one only has to read God’s message to man in the Book of Relevation. For does it not state:

“The immorality of man will apex when the abominable buggerers are made priests by the Archbishops.” (5)

Just check out the devils man who is in charge of the Church of England!

“The people of the world will watch as devils disguised as angels beget in the likeness of themselves.” (6)

Just check out this link to convince yourself this is happening:

Evil aliens clone man!

So what can we do about it? Nothing. For our acquiescence to the sin that is in our society today deserves punishment. Satan is leading us to hell and it seems the majority of us like it! Our present day world is Sodom and Gomorrah multiplied millions of times. Can we not glimpse the cloven hoof and pointy tale behind our social leaders! Our children cannot pray in school but can be taught by fornicators, buggerers, and pussy eaters! No wonder God has forsaken us!

I hope you all burn in hell!

Rev. Timbo Jones
Church of the real Christian.


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