Created: Monday, 10 October 2005 Written by Chato
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For all those wimps afflicted with
limp-dick syndrome. Here is the cure
for the feeble passivity that afflicts
you pathetic Liberal Losers.
Say goodbye to old Floppy and a proud
hello to rock-solid Roger.
New scientific breakthrough by the
amazing Chato can give you a joyous
new shame-free life. GET WITH THE PROGRAM YOU SISSIES!
God! You weaklings make me puke!
Why do I waste my time?

Now pay attention and follow the
proven Doctor Chato method.
No chemicals and all natural.
No walking on hot coals.
No more crawling to slimeoids.
A few months of Hard Howard-hating
will have you flinging your wimpy
Viagra-style medications into the
weeds and welcoming a new life of
proud spontaneous erections and
nocturnal emissions with a powerful
proud pulsing pole in your pants.
This is nature's way and you fail
to follow it at your limp peril.
But first, you must believe!
Otherwise, FUCK-OFF you spineless
limp jellyfish suckholes! Go join
your conga-line of butt-sucking
slimeoids you limp losers!