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Created: Tuesday, 11 November 2014 Written by Pooey Pablo
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Your health is central to your existence and feeling of well-being. A healthy person has a clear mind and a properly functioning body. It should run like clockwork, and one obvious measurement of the ticking of this clock is your bowel regularity.

pussy time

How to achieve this regularity?


Well certainly a good diet is essential. High in fibre, essential minerals, and vitamins. Not too overstuffed with fats and oils. A diet that contains all the necessary foods of the nutritional pyramid, and all in the right proportions too.

And I myself have been following this advice down to the t. But while I have achieved regularity I still have a problem.

It is the timing of this regularity.

Ipso facto it is one hour before I awake.

You can imagine the predicament it puts me in. A healthy lifestyle is all well and good but clean sheets are important too.


dunny problems

No one likes to wake to the chocolate skidmark!


So dear XenoxNews.com readers is there anyone who can help me?

What’s a man to do about his regular problem?


Pooey Pablo,