Created: Saturday, 16 August 2003 Written by LordyLordyLordy
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Sterilise a pubic hair and iron it such. Place o­ne end in tweezers and then now strike it down, as it is straight such, the eye of your penis. Twist an apron of love.
A hot poker.
The arrival of antibiotics heralded a great day in the life of the serial philanderer of the early 20th century. Often given to green dripping cunts and snail-trail pecker eyes; a little dab of penicillin cured all. The whores of Paris were known to crow in delight when the discoverer of this cure Ian Fleming hit town. Standing astride the 'Tower he tossed pills hither and fither. "God bless you Dr" they cried.

Underneath her pantaloons a sorrowful germ cried:"Once I ran this pussy. MY toxins her macrophages I bestrode. Now she has a fungal delight which terminates my previous bite. woe ich me."

Dont you know all germs are German?

And all whores delightfully French; why I remember as a boy wondering thru the Bois de BAngBon and fingering fannys for a franc or two that had flora and fauna simply unknown now! Please oh great scientists deliver me the genome of Bruscilles Pussiess Piaffes!

And after this adventure a pernod or two and then my head in the Seine, insane. Grey and green with the vermin that is the Republic la Francois.