Terrorists are a major world threat; lets nuke Islam

Tuesday, 22 October 2002 By Pervis
The extent of the deadly threat to democratic super powers the world over has been revealed further recently as CIA operatives extracted information from Al Qaeda senior representative for Southeast Asia.
Last week Omar Al-Faruq gave an outline of the mastermind intelligence and massive terrorist infrastructure that is Al Qaeda and that is now threatening to take over the Western World.

Proof of the sheer magnitude and precision like methodology of the Al Qaeda network became clear as Al-Faruq described the recent heinous plans to assassinate Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri:
"The first attempt stalled when the killers could not get guns; the second was aborted when one of the group blew off a leg when a bomb he was carrying prematurely exploded in a Jakarta shopping mall." (Source Herald/Sun)

These terrorists are so well organised and massively funded that the only option the US, English and Australian governments have are to initiate a war of mass destruction against this terrorist war machine.

Calls recently to treat these wacko terrorist groups as criminals, to search for them using the extensive resources of the west, and to weed them out using our superior intelligence have been poo pooed by right wing members of western society the world over, even though it would certainly reduce the amount of enemies to the west. A war of mass destruction would certainly create many enemies and individuals who will have personal vendettas against the west for centuires.

A representative of the "Kunts against al Kaeda" group issued yesterday "Fuck 'em. I don't care where they are from; lets just fucken blast any Muslim country; (specially the ones with oil, heck). If these guys want to party lets rock....our group has been lobbying for cheaper petrol for years and this is the first sign that we will get a decrease. Besides, we all got cable now and there has been fuck all happening since the towers and it is a fucking disgrace. That espionage stuff sounds good an' all but what about the visuals?"
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