Friday, 18 February 2011 By Patriot

Taking advantage of the chaos in Egypt, the Mad Mullahs of Iran have dispatched two warships to passage through the Suez Canal.


Undoubtedly packed with weapons for their terrorist allies Hamas and Hizbollah, the Islamofascist regime of Tehran is exploiting the current instability in Egypt to fuel its hegemonic ambitions in the Middle East.



Crazed Islamofascist leader Madmanahmed has sent warships to the Suez Canal!


Of course Iran's real target is Israel. Holocaust-denying Iranian President Madmanahmed has long expressed a view to wipe this plucky democracy from the pages of history. And with staunch US and Israeli ally Hosni Mubarak hounded from office he may have his chance. Each day more questions are arising from what role Iran played in the violent overthrow of the Egyptian government. There is no doubt that the Iranians are also behind the current turmoil in the previously peaceful nation of Bahrain. The tepid and muddled response from President Obama to the Egyptian chaos has obviously made the Mad Mullahs more emboldened in their actions to foment instability and terror throughout the region.


Who knows what sinister devices these ships may be carrying? Israel would be well within her rights if she dealt with this provocation from Tehran with force. Of course it would be better if an internationally coordinated blockade of the Iranian warships could be arranged, but as the lily-livered response from world leaders like Aussie PM Gillard and President Obama to Egypt's crisis showed, Tel Aviv would be foolish to rely on this happening.


One thing is certain; under the firm hand of leadership from the likes of President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair, there would have been no tolerance of this Iranian malfeasance.


God bless,


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