Saturday, 04 November 2006 By Chato
As they piss on us from above.

A few things to consider:

The US military death-toll in Iraq looks
like being around 12000 plus, in truth.

Why is the mainstream media failing to report
the 300-400 US death-toll at Camp Falcon
when it came under heavy rocket attack?
Satellite pics show the great damage caused
by munitions exploding in the camp's ammo dump.
How long can they keep this story down?

Britain is now officially the greatest public
surveillance nation in the glorious "free" west.

Oz is setting records too:
The Howard government has taken federal taxes,
including the GST, to a peacetime record of
25.7 per cent of gross domestic product.

Thank God for Neo-Liberal small-government
and all the theoretical freedoms!

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