Nation of bullshitters outraged to learn it elected bullshitter President

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 By Washington DC Desk

The clown state of America is reeling in shock to find out that its President-elect hired hookers to urinate on Obama’s bed in Moscow...

Or did he?


Who the fuck knows. What we do know is that the CIA and other brilliant minds of the American 'Intelligence Community' are peeing in their pants that the greatest nation on earth is going to have an uncontrollable moron as President. So they are leaking left, right, and centre.

Shit. Where were these fuckwits when that dickhead George Dubya was President? Oh, that's right. They were making up the bullshit so that Bush, Blair and Howard could invade Iraq to stop it from making those non-existent weapons of mass destruction.


Some of the previous morons, and their minions, who have run the mighty old US of A...

It is hilarious to watch pearl clutchers like Paul Krugman, Meryl Streep, and other lily livered liberals calling out for the CIA to save them from Trump. “Don’t you know he is a liar?” they moan…

For fuck sake. Your jackass country is full of liars. It is built on bullshit. And now after years of piling it on, and believing it was all real, you are shocked to find out that you have a serial bullshitter as your ‘Commander in Chief’?

The greatest country in the world, the shining light on the hill, has shown it couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone a fair dinkum election. All the democracy bullshit they boast about. All the countries they have bombed to spread their ‘democracy’. Yet their idiot system handed Trump the Presidency. If they had at least two neurons to rub together surely they could have created an electoral system that would elect the one with the most votes? Obviously all this was too hard for their gaggle of 'Founding Fathers'.

For years the yanks have strutted the world stage boasting of their greatness. Their democracy was the best. Their dynamic capitalist system was the only way the world could be run.

Their soldier’s superheroes; that only ever kill the bad guys.

Their spies; all seeing; all knowing geniuses. Always with the ‘facts’ on all the villains.

They know what is best for everyone.

Man, have you ever listened to the crap the Yank businessman spouts? We are supposed to take these idiots seriously while they run a country with more people imprisoned then any over nation EVER? That is except for the crooks that run the banks and hedge funds, those fuckers can never be caught.

Well I think the rest of world has woken up and can smell the roses sprouting from the piles of bullshit that cover the ol’ US of A. Trump is just the pinnacle of the bullshit; a perfect exemplar of the American way.

If Putin did hack their emails all he has done is pull out the last turd holding up their tottering edifice. Now watch it crash and burn as the spooks and ‘liberals’ try to get rid of the President their stupid country elected!

It’s gunna be a hoot. Probably pull us all down as well, but fun to watch those motherfuckers burn down first.


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Dictated to the XenoxNews Washington DC Desk by Frank Blues.

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