War on the Campus

Wednesday, 01 May 2024 By LordyLordyLordy

Seems the kids are upset. The Yank and it's vassal state are killing with impunity, and this time they are gunna do something about it...

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Well pardon me if I have heard this one before. You know, that one a decade ago. That was going to really change things. What was it...? Occupy or something.


People should know the playbook by now. Distract them with some faraway struggle, some dispossessed, somewhere, rising up and becoming free... Forget about what we are doing, take a look at what they are doing! The real bad guys.


Well kids, don't get fooled again. There is no greater evil than the one you are with. Keep fighting till that turdburger USA finally goes the way of the dinosaur.

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Then we can all finally be free.

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