Created: Saturday, 27 September 2003 Written by Patriot
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The fight against terror goes on. President Bush said it wouldn't be easy; but good would prevail. After the liberation of Iraq the eyes of the world now turn to Iran. Iran. Once the home of the glorious Persian Empire but now a place where the government openly supports terrorist groups such as Hezbollah. A place where women can only walk the streets shrouded in a curtain. Where journalists are killed with impunity by government agents. It is ideally placed to interfere with the coalition of the willing's attempts to bring democracy to the Middle East, being astride the borders of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Even now it is allowing terrorists to secrete across their perimeter into Iraq and attack the freedom fighters from the US and UK. And now the shocking news that they are trying to develop NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

The international community must now pull together. It is no time to shrilly decry from the edges a la Chirac; we must act now to stop this illegitimate regime from gaining these weapons of mass destruction.

Let's hope that those brave leaders of the free world President Bush and PMs Blair and Howard can act together again and let the mullahs in Tehran know that we will not let them have nuclear weapons.

Our lives are depending on them.

God Bless