Reds ban torture!

Thursday, 02 March 2006 By Alex_Hydell
The communist dictatorship ruling China has banned the use of torture to extract confessions.

Entitled The Law on Penalties for Offences against Public Order, the new edict will also ban the use of evidence obtained by threats, the Xinhua news agency reports. Ke Liangdong, director of the legal affairs bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, was quoted as saying the law stipulated an "illegal evidence exclusion principle" that "evidence obtained by torture, threatening or cheating could not be used as the basis for penalties".

State media have reported that police investigators last year found 12,000 cases of inappropriate handling of detainees, which makes even the Bush administration’s Guantanamo gulag look good.

However, unlike the communists, the Bushevik’s have no intention of outlawing the use of torture, and continue to practice it both at Guantanamo and in other U.S. military concentration camps around the world.
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