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United Nations tells Iran - "Stop building Nuclear Weapons!"

Created: Sunday, 24 December 2006 Written by Patriot
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After a lot of diplomatic arm-twisting the UN Security Council has announced sanctions on Iran because of its secret nuclear research.

But will this stop the Mad Mullah's of Tehran drive for a nuclear bomb to "wipe out" Israel?

A unified response from the UN is helpful in trying to disarm this rogue state, but it must be remembered that it is only by the sheer will of people like President Bush, PM Blair and Condi Rice that it has got this far. Will the UN remain as a toothless tiger while terrorist supporting states like Iran and North Korea threaten the world with destruction? Or will it back up this latest resolution with some steel?

One thing is for sure the latte-sippers and babbling left will immediately jump on the Mad Mullah bandwagon. The instinctive anti-Americanism of stooges like Chomsky, Pilger, and Max Gross will again raise its ugly head.

Why do these people hate freedom? And why do they support racist terrorist supporters like Iranian President Madmanahmed?

Will they sabotage the freedom-loving west's legitimate right to protect itself from nuclear armed terrorists, or like with Iraq, act like a Islamofascist 5th column denigrating great leaders like President Bush and PMs Blair and Howard, and the brave soldiers of the Coalition of the Willing?

The time is coming when the left will have to start supporting the fight for freedom and democracy in the Middle East or face the consequences.

God bless,