Thursday, 03 April 2014 By Joe Packer Jr

In the past a man could find paid employment relatively easily. In those days I know many who left school at the age of 15 and basically stepped out of the school gates into work with either the local town council or with Farmer Jim down the road.

Wasn’t so hard then.


capital fails us now

The plight of the workingman in the 21stCentury. Is the answer to organise?


But, goddamn, nowadays a womans got to hit a man. It is getting tougher and tougher for your average Joe to get himself a decent wage and a job for life.

What to do.

Well after you have scoured the help wanted ads, and the Craiglist missed encounters, you really do need to get off your arse and head out into the big outdoors. There you will find a whole new world of opportunity. As long as you are:

  1. Willing to work hard
  2. Educated
  3. Have use of both of your pairs of feet and hands
  4. White, or at least a close shade to

The rewards of hard work are obvious


It may be hard to believe but even a go-getter like myself once spent a few months suckling on the government teat. At first I enjoyed the lazy life of a dole bludger. But soon my innate sense of entitlement and wanting to get out there and make a buck overwhelmed me. So let me share what I did that has enabled me to be lecturing you on what you should do today.

-         -  I put on a clean suit. You would be amazed what a difference that can make. Especially when you realise that compared to the filthy dregs of society that are the long term unemployed, you will stand out like a diamond in the rough

-         -  I didn’t take no for an answer. If my prospective boss at first refused my entreaties for work I would be back at his door the next morning asking again. If that fails kidnapping his family can often lead to a positive outcome.

-          - Demonstrate your abilities by brandishing a well typed CV.

-          - And best of all, have a rich man as a father. Because as can be clearly seen nowadays, nothing beats having Pappy put you into the corporation as soon as both of you think you are ready. Just ask Gina or Lachlan, they’ll tell you.

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