Islamofascism. The threat is real. The threat is growing.

Thursday, 14 June 2012 By Patriot

Over the years I have tracked the ominous developments in the War on Terror here on the pages of My reporting has reflected the events of the time and the people that have shaped them. Some have called it hard hitting, and it is true - I do not shy away from calling a spade a spade. After these 10 long years of battling the evils of terrorism and Islamofascism I would have hoped that the freedom loving people of the West could feel secure, but I must report that this is not the case. In fact now more than ever the threat of a heinous strike by terrorists against our loved ones is higher than it has ever been!


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The crazies. On their way to your place unless we do something now to stop them.


In many ways the Muslim terrorist threat has grown because of the complacency of the Western public. There have been no major attacks recently, which is in a large part due to the pre-emptive actions of the brave trio President George W Bush and PMs Howard and Blair. With no attacks, the public thought it would be safe to vote in weaker leaders like Obama and Australia’s Julia Gillard. But in reality the threat has not gone away. The self-hating and the destabilising screeds of a cabal of 5th column columnists such as Max Gross, Pilger and Chomsky, has inspired a new cadre of Al Qaeda. And with the new darling of the latte sippers, sexual pervert Julian Assange, peddling state secrets on the Internet these Muslim extremists feel the West is ripe for the bombing once again.


So the question is now where could these terrorists strike? The flashpoints have grown, and I list some of them here:




A new gateway to the West for Al Qaeda?


After years of wanton socialist government welfare state expenditure, a once proud nation has been bankrupted and is now descending into chaos. A new election looms where terrifying extremists of both the right, and particularly the left, are high in the polls. The communist inspired Syriza party could easily take control, and besides the total economic calamity it would bring you can be sure that their hatred of the US and free enterprise will make them lenient against the threat of Islamofascism. If Syriza are elected expect Al Qaeda to use Greece as a staging post for terrorist activities against the West.



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"The Egyptian Revoultion"


What a disaster the Arab spring has turned out to be. As I predicted, the fall of the brave Hosni Mubarak has lead to unleashing of fundamentalist muslim chaos. Expect even more death and destruction when the Muslim Brotherhood takes over.



The old Baathist hacks are now fleeing Damascus

I have long pointed out the irrefutable links between the despotic Arab leaders Saddam Hussein and Bashar Al-Assad, and Al Qaeda. Now the brutal Assad regime is killing children and allowing terrorists to run amok. From there they can join up with their allies in terrorism Hezbollah and strike out at the only bastion of democracy in the region, Israel.




And behind it all stands the kingpins of terror. The Mad Mullahs of Tehran and the evil dictator Madmanahmed. Whenever death and destruction strikes you can guarantee these evil men will have something to do with it. Their threats against our strongest ally Israel are an affront to civilized discourse and this state should have pariah status until they learn to act as a normal member of the international community.



So, what can we do now to prevent the next 9/11? Well we need our current leaders to stand up against this threat. For one, Australia’s current PM Julia Gillard needs to stop concentrating on nonsense like taxing carbon and gay marriage and start acting against this insidious Islamofascism. Previously, I pointed out the leftist ALP true beliefs in the war on terror in 2007 when PM Howard was dumped for the inept Kevin Rudd. Luckily opinion polls now clearly indicate JuLIAR and her party of Union thugs will be booted out at the next election and tough no-nonsense conservative leader Tony Abbott will take the reins.


In the US Obama’s policy of drone strikes against militants in Yemen and Pakistan are a wise move, but in reality he is just swatting flies. He needs to hit the source of this terrorist evil; Tehran. With their nuclear weapons programme running unchecked they are a diabolical threat to us all.


A threat we must extinguish immediately.


God bless,


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