Created: Tuesday, 09 May 2006 Written by Chato
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Two miners escape entombment,
only to face a greater horror.

All of the staff at the Chato
Institute saw this coming:
While two miners were trapped, and
their rescue may have gone wrong,
Uncle Suckhole laid low - watching -
waiting. Now that the miners have
been rescued, and he feels safe,
Suckhole slithers out of his lair to
feed off the event like the awful
sucking parasite that he is.

Here is a revolting little hypocrite
and appalling philistine, who cares
not a whit for the welfare of any
workers who place their lives in
danger. He has tirelessly worked to
reduce workplace safety, merely to
benefit his dirty mates.
Pretending to be a concerned, and
compassionate national leader is a
very tired act now, but apparently
the robopathic Oz public will always
be fooled by such cheap acts.

Obviously, no act that the political
maggot sees as being advantageous to
his seedy self-image is too low to
for him engage in.
Acts that range from sucking arse of
personages that he considers of the
nobility, to licking the boots of
criminal media magnates, to attending
a satanic black mass at Hellsong
Enterprises, or rolling around on the
floor at a "Christian Charismatic"
church meeting, to engaging in
international criminal acts at the
whim of the demented "leaders" of
other nations, to destroying the
future of most Oz citizens (now
considered consumers) if it boosts
the fortunes of putrid property pimps
and kindred scum.

Nothing is so degrading or filthy
that our little malignant monkey
would not engage in it if he thought
it would benefit him.

He is like a mangy dog that sees a
stinking, rotting, sheep carcass
that's chock full of maggots, and is
overcome by an urge to roll in it,
and cannot be dissuaded.

How long before he dons traditional
Greek national dress and dances
before horrified and embarrassed
greeks in an Earlwood club? (like his
good mate Alan Jones who lost a safe
Liberal Party seat that way, and
would never be pre-selected again.)

Anyhow, enjoy the Howard/Costello
economic collapse that is lurking
just around the corner. You trusting
little Oz dullards!