Blood-Sucking Celebrity Parasite May Put Leeches Out of Work

Created: Thursday, 08 January 2009 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Many people see a leech as some sort of
horrid creature that sucks blood.

An evil alien presence is about to destroy
Australia. Only one man can save the poor little
Aussie bleeders. That man is Field Marshall John
Leech, otherwise known as John Howard the
celebrity parasite.

"I'll coagulate those tiny little bleeders!" raves
the leech, somewhat confused about his own role
and where the evil WMD may be hiddden. Although
Tony Blair the Devil's double on Earth, conceded
that Iraqi weapons of mass destruction may never
be found, he claimed that they could have been
hidden, removed or destroyed - or maybe something

Anyway, a leech can store blood up to five times
its body size, and John Leech has tried to live up
to that high standard of productivity.

The mechanical GST leech has an insatiable appetite.