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OZ P.M. asks: "WHAT'S THE FUSS?"

Created: Thursday, 02 June 2005 Written by Chato
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Afghanistan villagers get shot-up
by special OZ killer elite.
"I fail to understand why anybody
would care about some rag-head
villagers getting shot by our
brave boys! Anyway, nobody was
meant to know about this - I am
running a secret government and
strict security is in place.
If you bludgers new what my
government was really doing you
would want to give me a lethal

Droned the vile little morally
retarded Ostrichlian P.M. as he
responded to a news article.

He looked relaxed and comfortable
despite his advanced senile
dementia and a large wet patch in
his crotch, as he appealed to the
Aussie public's usual lack of
compassion or concern.

"Please be fair. It's not as if
the Aussie public would not get
the same sort of treatment as the
called for it.
I hold the public in the same
contempt as I hold all pathetic
losers. You losers have never
worried about what was being done
behind your backs before - why
worry now when it's too late?"

The unemployed leader of the
opposition, Killer Breezy
supported the government:
"I see nothing unusual in Aussie
forces killing civilians, and I
expect they will be called upon
to do more of that back in Oz as