#ASKBOXHEAD# WTF? A babe for Boxhead???

Tuesday, 02 August 2011

Ed.Note: Boxy has been a bit out of it lately; in fact we found him lying head first into the drain outside the office yesterday. Thank god he has sobered up enough now to answer your latest questions...







Dear Cunt,

Is the box half empty or half full?



Bugga Me



Hey Boxhead

I have found the perfect mate for you.

Are you interested in a boxy dalliance?




Gerard van Honthorst


To Bugga Me,

I don't know about now, but yesterday I was as full as a goose ;) Good enough answer for ya? Ya fucking cockless cunthead!


To Gerard,


My my, she sure does look a hottie. I just love gals who have flowers growing out their box; makes me start thinking of their secret garden if you know what I mean ;) Whats her contact details? I don't want to sound like some Herr Fucknuckle fuckwit, but I'm ready anytime for some Box on Box action with her!


Love (to her, not you Gerard),

Foxy Boxy




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