#ASKBOXHEAD# I git a question fer ya.....

Monday, 29 August 2011

Dear Boxhead,


Boy, tell me ware I can git me one of them Australian FAL rifles. They is built better than that thar Jew-FAL or even USA Yankee-FAL's. How 'bout you git me one - I'm good fer it.






Dear Ricardovitz,

Oh lord, what does a dimwit like you want with a gun? Is your sister saying no to your amorous approaches nowadays? Your pigs hiding their butts when they see you coming? I'd say a hillbilly fool like you would be a whole lot safer without a gun. And I'd imagine your more civilised neighbors would feel a whole lot safer too.

Instead Ricky I think it is time to put your head in a box. I tell ya the world is a whole lot less threatening once you put your noggin in cardboard. Once you have it on you'll find your crazy fears of 'guvinmint agents' and 'black helicopters' will melt away like the winter snow in April.


Now I know your not a drinker, so you could use a left over coke carton if you want.

So forget about playing with your bang-bangs, get your ugly mug in a box and join me in a nirvana of bliss.






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