#AskBoxhead Hey there Boxy!

Thursday, 09 November 2023

Hey there Boxy,


It is getting hot hot hot. How is the man in the Box going to handle it?


Yours in a pool of sweat,

Bangkok resident


Dear Bangkok Resident,

Yes indeed. Temperatures rising and tempers a fraying.

But y'know, cardboard has it's own properties. Special gifts one might say. A stiffness, and a smooth roughness as well. It is, after all, a product of nature, just like meself. And it is a wonderful insulator. From noise, bedlam, and heat.

So I ain't too concerned my Bangkok friend. My cardboard headspace may not be perfect, but it is going to be a damn sight better then the hell the rest of you arseholes will be inhabiting soon enough.

Until then... Keep your cool and your libido under control.







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