Created: Tuesday, 16 August 2005 Written by Chato
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Oz Health Minister reveals how. This strangeness was on ABC

In a very recent interview, Tony
Rabbit, the love child of the
Trillion Dollar Debt PM, and Oz
Health Thing, was asked about the
bumper crop of crazies that
Ostrichlia has produced since the
Hogweed government was imposed on
decent Ostrichlian people.

Mr Rabbit answered that we were
suffering from a good thing,
because it showed that the
citizens of Ostrichlia were
enjoying great prosperity, and it
was the great prosperity that the
Hogweed Government produced that
had sent people nuts!
He said that it was a fact that
prosperity sends people insane.

Could this be how the Canberra
Rodent excuses putting people
into economic hardship?
For their mental well-being?