How we made the west lose

Created: Sunday, 04 April 2004 Written by Raspberry Cordial
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It takes a tickle here and a tickle there. Your dealing with an infant country. A place that doesnt know whats outside its door. Its all fear, and hoping Jesus will save ya. Well y'now Asif Iqbal was a leg spinner...
Just a poke here. Splatter some blood there. Lets get a reaction; that is all thats needed.
Watch 'em stamp their feet when their people get hit (they dont give a shit about any others; AS WE DO TOO).
It comes down to how stable is the Yankee hegemony. Who beat the Russkis? was it Reagen or the Mujahudeen?
Well thats what we will find out cause osama is gamblin that it was his crew not Reagens mob. Same tactics, different team.
And who should we be backing? With the liberation of Iraq for US business interests (thats fucking right dickhead right wing ding bats: only reason. never have been any other fucking reason ya cocksuckers!) its just getting interesting.
We all knew Sept 11 changed the world.