Created: Monday, 31 July 2006 Written by Chato
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Howard's winners lose a battle for the
valuable sewage assets of Ostrichlia.

In a dreadful scene that confirmed the third
world status of Ostrichlia, a swarm of Oz
dullards fought each other to be the first
to suck on Queensland raw sewage, as
corrupt merchant bankers and developers
urged them on to ever greater efforts.

Many of them sucked on any pipe that looked
as if it may have given them some relief,
despite the resulting broken teeth and
deeply abraded gums.

The Queensland troopers managed to drive the
ravening dullards and galoots back, so the
valuable sewage is safe for the time being.

"They will be back, you know" predicted the
head trooper "they fought for and won low
wages and un-affordable housing from the
Howardland regime, and that encouraged them
to fight Queensland authorities for the
right to drink raw sewage."