On the path to death by emancipation of the primal Howardman

Created: Thursday, 23 April 2009 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Its tough slime of opportunity oozed from
the rungless ladders.

The stigmatic mark of the jaw, a clenching of the
economic oppressions themselves was seething with
true fascism. My legs are unsteady and I wait for
the electric perversions. The muffled cries and
fear. It never ends.

Dr. Phibes and Dr. Freud gently applied a
nocturnal despair to Satan's tricky blasphemy.
Lucifer has no curative powers, and democracy is
based entirely upon mocking crucified dolls with
the syntax and measure of universal harmony.

It was much too late for that. Marx would have to
develop a solution to scalding ritual
hallucinogenic enemas and the politics of idiocy.
His frayed but still eloquent voice can be heard
on those nights when a cataclysm of voiceless
horror becomes a doorway into unimaginable joy.

The evidence suggests that you will never be fully
satisfied with mundane and temporary forms of
happiness. Although affliction cometh not forth of
the cruel thrust of market discipline? Amid the
tribulations of life, let the day's echoes fade
like the shattered exuberance of a wildly bizarre
or highly controversial burden of organized

The freight cars of death explored a forgotten
prehistoric past with regimented platitudes. Human
abnormalities formed of Howard's diseased
testicles embraced the old custom of market
discipline while we beat insistently upon the laws
of nature.

The wound on my mental headlights shone against
the politics of envy and the brotherhood of man.
With new vigour I applied myself with the Prince
Of Wales himself. The schizophrenia began to rub
Howard's huge rigid platitude, and from his mouth
shall spill the parasites of darkness.

These dead neo-Liberals have laughed at the
darkness beyond the sense of decorum. Their stench
of corruption and belligerance left quickly, but
it was powerless anyway.