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Created: Friday, 30 September 2005 Written by Chato
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Our duty is to remember our
benefactors in the hard times
that are coming to us. As all the goods and services
we consume relentlessly increase
in price ahead of our incomes,
and the GST tax take increases
along with those rises, let us
give credit where it is due.

Please keep in mind the wonderful
GST as a memorial to John Howard
and Meg Lees and their generosity.
Don't forget the media idiots
who did us dirty on the GST,
as well as the brain-dead zombie
voters who did their bit also.

For those fetishists who worshipped
the GST as God and Saviour -
contemplate psychosurgery soon, or
switch over to the mighty and awesome
Rubber Chook on a Stick.