Created: Monday, 14 August 2006 Written by Chato
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Oz is now doomed, so the show is over and
you may as well go home to bed.

As the few remaining key assets of Oz are
being stolen by "market forces", the dull
robopaths of Oz are looking the other way.

Water rights are about to be snatched out
of the limp hands of the drooling masses,
leaving the dullards to suck up waste water
sold to them by international cartels at
"market prices".
Enjoy them big ol' turds there boys. Don't
go chokin' on a stinky floater now!

After all, it's one big happy third world now
isn't it?

Wait! There's more - Oz is set for the biggest
financial contraction in it's history.
All this brought to you by good Howardland
economic management. Too bad Hogturd is getting
his orders from organizations that don't give
a fuck about the Oz constitution.

God help you poor fucking Oz idiots, because
you sure can't help yourselves.