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Australia National Bank in heep of trouble...

Created: Sunday, 03 August 2008 Written by Ricardovitz
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Yankee Foreclosures Cause Run On Australian Banks On yer marks......Git Ready......GO!!!! First o­ne to get down to thar Australia Bank and get their money out WINS!!!  American's are givin their houses back to the dumb old banks at record speed.  And, that dumb old Australian Bank done got duped into lending billions of dollars to Americans fer thar big fancy houses.  Now, ain't no work for the Yankees and Dixies and they cain't pay for them big fancy houses.The Australia National Bank is going down, boys and girls.  Down, down down.  You heard it from Ricardovitz first.  Ricardovitz from Dixie done told you to go get yer money, cuz that banks going up in a blaze of hell-fire and a billet of smoke.  And, as I understood it, y'all ain't got no FDIC to insure yer banks.  Dumb old Australians, duped by the Yanks and the Dixies into lendin them money o­n thar big fancy houses that they cain't pay fer.  Well, thanks fer the Free Money, anywhoo.