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“One in 12 Australians are drinking alcohol every day during the coronavirus outbreak”, according a new Alcohol and Drug Foundation survey.

I got in early.

Today is “Australia’s Deadliest Day”, according to the ABC News website.

Victoria, which had its first coronavirus case back on 25 January, has recorded 394 new cases and 17 deaths overnight, making it 7854 confirmed total active cases and with 26 people on ventilators.

New South Wales recorded 10 new cases at “multiple Sydney venues”, with yet another school “closed for two weeks”. That makes a total of 64 locally acquired cases this week and an overall total of 1540.

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As for the Ruby Princess, the cruise ship that Australia’s Border Force Keystone Kops ushered through in Sydney, thereby releasing COVID19 into the community, the NSW state and the federal gunnaments continue to cover-up the lethal debacle.

NSW premier Gladys Koala Killer “has rebuffed calls to extend the Ruby Princess inquiry to hear from federal officials who have refused to appear.”

The prime minister Sideshow Scott and his nemesis the rabid Oberstkartoffelpuffer remain out to lunch and “gone fishing”, far too busy sabotaging Victorian premier Dan Andrews’ efforts at containing the epidemic.

He is, after all, a successful and popular Labor leader and they – and the Merde Orc agitprop empire and IPA cabal – exist only to disrupt, degrade and destroy anything that Labor proposes.

But “we always cooperate with royal commissions,” the PM smirked, pausing momentarily in his standard practice of pissing down our backs and spitting in our faces.

Meanwhile, Mexico has the third highest coronavirus death tally globally, behind the US and Brazil, and is “just days away from half a million cases”. Brazil reported a total of 100,477 fatalities and the USA has almost reached 5 million cases.

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America is going down the COVID19 drain while it’s deranged President’s current priority is banning the use of the popular Tik Tok app.

Globally, there are 19,807,605 cases of the virus, with 729,613 deaths and 12,724,299 recoveries.

But for those who recover is not necessarily the end of their problems, with increasing evidence of ongoing health issues that will ruin lives and fill hospital wards for years to come.

New Zealand, which “committed relatively early to a clearly articulated elimination strategy and pursued it aggressively”, has marked 100 days of zero community transmission cases.

If only Australia had followed New Zealand’s example rather than playing whack-a-mole but no, Sideshow Scott knows best!

And with the next bushfire crisis just around the corner no doubt the Pentecostal PM already has his holidays booked.

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