Created: Friday, 08 December 2006 Written by Chato
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The Performing Monkey drones on about
ultimate victory in raghead land.

Monkey's speech:-

"While it is true that the Yoo-Ess-Ay is
planning to abandon the liberated Iraqi
peoples and the capitalist paradise they
have built in Iraq, Ostrichlians should not
construe this as meaning that the brave
Coalition of the Witless is in any way
reducing their commitment to the raghead
shock and awe project in Eye-rack.
We are all proud of how a bloodbath has
been averted by our intervention in what
was a filthy socialist hotbed of creeping
commie progress - not even deregulated or
fully privatized as Jesus intended.

As for my government, it has done no wrong
that I am prepared to admit. I am standing
rock-solid on my promise to stay the course
in Iraq, unless I do not. In any case I
shall keep my promises in the traditional
way that you all expect. I shall not cut and
run, it will be more like a kind of rotting
and slithering.

You can rely on my regime to keep terror
highlighted by scattering flour and calling
it anthrax - well it could have been anthrax
if it wasn't flour that we flung about the
place. I like to keep you all tense and
alarmed, and for myself to be very relaxed
and comfortable as befits a great emperor
and father of the Howardland.

Remember to vote for the gangsters that you
can trust next election. You cannot risk
electing a mob that has any moral scruples!"