Created: Tuesday, 22 November 2005 Written by Chato
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Government spokesthing quick
to reassure the restless OZ
public, despite massive hatred
of IR "reforms". "We still retain the deep
affection of the Oz public."
drooled Tony A. Bott, the
resident crazed loon of the
Howardland Government, as he
responded to a sudden increase
in public hatred of the fascist
regime in Canberra.

"The citizens know that the Oz
Leperal Party is the natural
defender of the rights of the
working poor and the sick.
We are still in touch."
simpered the deranged Bott.

Wind Bagzly was not available
for comment. He had collapsed
with a panic attack upon
hearing that he was more
popular than a fresh dog turd
for the first time, and may
have to actually do something.