Created: Thursday, 06 April 2006 Written by Chato
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1.8 billion dollar boost to the
Howardland "Beyond Brown" team.

Under directions from The Church of
Satan, Judas Wicked Hellspawn, PM
of Ostrichlia and an infamous
international arsewipe, has boosted
the drug companies and put the boot
into the lazy loonies, malingering
madmen, work-shy weirdos and those
of their ilk, to the tune of 1.8
billion taxpayer dollars.

PM Judas Hellspawn explained his
wonderful vision to the adoring
media throng.

"These pathetic bludgers have been
a drag on property values for too
long now, and I am putting a stop
to all their nonsense! We now have
set aside enough tax money to buy a
shit-load of drugs to administer to
these losers so that they will be
able to join the labour-gangs and
at last return something to the
shareholders and property-owners.
It is lucky that our nation has
been guided by men of impeccable
mental-health: myself, Alan Jones,
Kerry Packer, Rupert Murdoch and
those among the merchant bankers,
property developers, solicitors and
many such noble worthies."

A strange slack look came over the
PM's face as he stared into the
distance and froth dripped from his
lower lip while urine ran down his
legs and filled his shoes.

"Look at me mum! I'm king of the
world! I can see the music! I am
the Chosen One! All bow down before
my magnificence!"