Created: Wednesday, 20 September 2006 Written by Chato
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Fire or ice. Land or sea. Night or day.
Pick where you make your stand!

The time for fucking-around is over.
If you had just switched off your bloody TV for
a minute, and stopped playing with various private
parts, you would have noticed that the war had begun
without you noticing or giving permission.

Which is it? Side with the gutless suckholes and
attack those who are too poor, sick or demoralized
to fight back. Or be reasonable facsimiles of human
beings, and bring fear to the terrorists at the
top of the muck-heap?

Stop cringing to a sociopathic gang of thugs, hoping
the bad man will just go away. Otherwise just piss-off
to some American pest-hole such as New Orleans, and
slither in the mud like some God-forsaken intestinal
parasite on the loose from the Liberal Party and
searching for Dubya's butt-hole.

Show some guts or just PISS-OFF to some place where
grovelling to the ruling elites is all they can do.